Indianapolis INTEGIRLS is hosting its annual Spring Math Competition on May 19, 2024. Join us virtually through Zoom from 12 PM EST - 4 PM EST.

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About The Competition

About UsIndianapolis INTEGIRLS is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting gender minorities in STEM. Indianapolis INTEGIRLS aims to push students through competitive problem-solving opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Divisions & Format
There will be a singular testing site: a virtual testing site on Zoom for all competitors, regardless of location.
There are two divisions: the middle school division and the high school division. The middle school division is aimed towards students in grades 6-8 and exceptionally bright elementary school students. The problem difficulty for problems in the middle school division range from MATHCOUNTS School to mid-AMC 10 level, accounting for a wide range of problem solving abilities.The high school division is aimed towards students in grades 9-12 and academically advanced middle school students. The problem difficulty in the high school division ranges from Algebra II to AIME level, accounting for a wide range of problem solving abilities.There are three rounds: individual round, team round, and buzzer round. In the individual round, students will be given 40 minutes to complete a set of 20 problems. The questions are written, not multiple choice, and there is no penalty for guessing. All problems are worth the same.In the team round, students will be randomly grouped with other students in their division (middle & high school) into groups of 3-4 students. There will be 10 problems in the team round and students will have 30 minutes to solve as many as possible, collaborating and engaging in critical thinking with their team mates. There is no penalty for guessing answers and all questions are worth the same.In the buzzer round, students from the middle and high school division are combined in a Kahoot/MATHCOUNTS countdown-style competition. Students will have to buzz in to answer the question, and the student who answers the fastest and most accurately will win the grand prize.Each round is considered separately, meaning your team and buzzer scores will not affect your individual placement. Prizes are also given by round, so a student who performs well in the individual round but poorly in the buzzer round may still win a prize for their individual performance.

Information on PrizesPrizes are TBD. This page will be updated with more information as the competition date approaches. Rest assured, Indianapolis INTEGIRLS has historically given out very generous cash prizes, and we intend on maintaining this with our Spring Competition.